This website really isn't about me except that it conveys what I believe and how I look at the world (people, actually) that I live in. A visitor may wonder who is responsible for this content. That would be me.

My name is Daniel Boes. I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1957. I grew up in a neighborhood in the southeast suburb of Kentwood. My family moved in October of my 7th grade year to a farm a few miles west of Grand Rapids. The rest of my boyhood was spent on farm life which I enjoyed immensely.

I graduated from high school in 1975 and left in August of that year for a 3 year tour of duty in the Marine Corps. I was stationed most of that time in Hawaii (what amazing weather!). When I returned home I did a couple years of college and then switched to a local Bible school to improve my understanding of the Christian Scriptures.

In October of my last year I got married. And two weeks later my wife and I took the pastorate of a very small church northeast of Grand Rapids. There we remained for almost 8 years.

It was a small church that could not afford a full-time pastor, and when our children started coming along, I had to seek full-time employment. After two years working in the building trade we moved to our second pastorate which ended badly after five years. Then we went further south into Indiana where I currently serve as the pastor-teacher of Twin Branch Bible Church. That was 20 years ago now.

During my early years of pastoring I completed my undergraduate degree (Grand Valley University) and then went to seminary (Grand Rapids Theological Seminary). I graduated in 2001.

The academic dean of the seminary at that time was Dr. James Grier (now with the Lord), and it was his teaching that was most formative in my life and ministry. Dr. Grier introduced me to the concept of a distinctively biblical worldview. I never thought about worldview before that--not even my own. But I am very grateful that God's gracious providence directed the pathways of my life, education and ministry encounters that I have had with teachers and colleagues along the way.

In 2006 my world was shaken at the deepest levels of my most basic beliefs. Jesus said the wise person builds his or her life on the rock. Too many Christians think too little about the deepest beliefs that form the foundation Jesus was referring to with the word "rock." I know that I did very little thinking about my beliefs and whether my own thoughts were held captive to word of God. My son was killed on his motorcycle in 2006, just one day after his 20th birthday. My wife and I were in Tennessee at time we got the call from home.

I would like to think (and believe!) that the Bible has always been the formative influence on the way I have lived my life. Yet the teaching of the Bible is carefully woven by the Holy Spirit into the fabric of a Christian's way of life. Sovereign providence is exclusively in the purview of the wise Master Architect. We learn of this providence from the Bible. But it can be (and often is) little more than an academic reality. It had been something I studied in order to apply it to other people's lives.

For better or worse, this is a very brief summary of who I am. And as I said, who I am is of little importance. Who God is, on the other hand...